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news - 2009 - nov

  1. Westlife defend cover versions
  2. Manic Street Preachers' US battle
  3. Unskilled musicians Snow Patrol
  4. Dave Grohl 'happy with mixed reactions to Wheels'
  5. Russell Brand wants Katy's kids
  6. Bon Jovi infuriate fans
  7. Kylie Minogue best internet ad
  8. Green Day announce new UK dates
  9. Iggy Pop confirms The Stooges comeback
  10. 50 Cent likes leak
  11. Green Day announce stadium shows
  12. Kanye West back to work
  13. Hot Chip unveil 2010 tour
  14. Rihanna speaks about Chris attack
  15. Robbie Williams saves girlfriend's mom
  16. Ian Brown arrested
  17. Grizzly Bear confirm five 2010 shows
  18. Downloading rose during Pirate Bay shutdown
  19. Brian May's Lego hair demands
  20. Slash finishing solo album
  21. Dizzee Rascal 'gets' pop
  22. Noel Gallagher to return to London
  23. Leona Lewis desperate for shows
  24. Boyzone too upset to tour
  25. Nicky Byrne mourns dad
  26. Bruce Springsteen 'writing autobiography'
  27. Foo Fighters' Greatest Hits 'is too early'
  28. Arctic Monkeys steal ideas from Britney
  29. Rolling Stones to tour in 2010?
  30. Dave Grohl's premature release
  31. Frankmusik searches for unsigned talent
  32. Katy Perry's Brand of naughtiness
  33. Chris Brown accepts fan anger
  34. Little Boots in Sugababes plea
  35. No Doubt sue Band Hero makers
  36. Chad Channing: Nirvana had to kick me out
  37. Brett Anderson turns off the radio
  38. Bloc Party singer goes solo
  39. No Doubt sue over computer game
  40. Kele Okereke 'working on solo material'
  41. Fergie's exciting weight gain
  42. Beyonce Knowles' EMA trio
  43. Green Day and U2 win at MTV awards
  44. Pavement plan best of album
  45. Rihanna survives 'perfect' Chris
  46. Peter Hook blasts Madonna
  47. Riff merchant Tony Iommi
  48. Iggy Pop finds 'lost' Stooges material
  49. Ian Brown unveils European tour
  50. John Mayer defends Britney
  51. Cheryl Cole's marriage woes
  52. Taylor Swift mocks exes
  53. Tinariwen wins 2009 Uncut Music Award
  54. Fall Out Boy drop Beat It
  55. Protagonista Robbie Williams
  56. 'Real artist' Pixie Lott
  57. Steven Tyler 'has left Aerosmith'
  58. The Ting Tings' Jay-Z deal
  59. Chipmunk's suicide threat
  60. Robbie Williams loses cash
  61. White Lies cancel European dates
  62. Arcade Fire 'in the studio'
  63. Natasha Bedingfield's dream lineup
  64. Dave Grohl's Kurt premonition
  65. Rihanna's London nerves
  66. Aerosmith drummer: Band was misquoted on Tyler quit
  67. Dave Grohl's musical blind date
  68. Chipmunk exhausted
  69. Robbie Williams' Take That show
  70. Worst album covers of 2000s named
  71. Dave Grohl 'knew Kurt Cobain would die young'
  72. Serge Pizzorno reckons rock is dead
  73. Pulp to reform?
  74. Steven Tyler stays with Aerosmith
  75. Vampire Weekend: Album not named after paramilitaries
  76. Russell Brand's Katy song
  77. Leona Lewis dazzled by Justin
  78. Paul McCartney's musical son
  79. Sting attacks X Factor
  80. Ladytron 'planning best of album'
  81. Red Hot Chili Peppers announce comeback
  82. Chris Brown's 'Bad' collaboration
  83. Nicolas Cage's acting necessity
  84. Muse rock London
  85. Paddy Considine: I feel at home in music
  86. Emmy Rossum's Twitter dates
  87. Robbie Williams confirms Take That LP
  88. Janet Jackson opening AMAs
  89. Sharon Osbourne 'regrets Boyle jibes'
  90. Country Life ads 'paid for PiL tour'
  91. Ash's career fears
  92. Rihanna's Prodigy songs
  93. John Lydon's butter tour
  94. Liam Gallagher 'will be back within months'
  95. Rihanna writes attack track
  96. Nathan Followill marries
  97. Amy Winehouse wants new nose
  98. Norah Jones 'tries different sounds on new record'
  99. New Courtney Love album 'is her most important'
  100. 50 Cent's talent search
  101. Pet Shop Boys' Glastonbury dream
  102. U2's noise fine
  103. British Sea Power 'well into fifth record'
  104. The Strokes rock decade
  105. Jay-Z to help Cheryl
  106. Rihanna's Rated R return
  107. Chris Brown ready to date
  108. Is This It 'best album of 2000s'
  109. Zane Lowe lauds Metallica and The Clash's influence
  110. John Lydon promises new songs
  111. 50 Cent's melodic rage
  112. Florence Welch's euphoric cover
  113. McCartney named Gershwin Prize winner
  114. Katy Perry's mature sound
  115. Rihanna wanted metal record
  116. Chipmunk getting better
  117. Nicolas Cage issued cross complaint
  118. Public Image Limited 'could release new music'
  119. Florence And The Machine release deluxe debut
  120. Jarvis Cocker shops for song
  121. Liam Gallager's Miles music
  122. Aerosmith vow to carry on
  123. Roger Taylor 'wants to work with Foo Fighters drummer'
  124. Liam Gallagher's songs gettin' better man
  125. Mariah Carey wanted kittens for Xmas
  126. Amelle Berrabah had freezing treatment
  127. Linkin Park singer 'wanted to kill himself'
  128. Roger Daltrey plans life story
  129. Coldplay snub support
  130. 50 Cent's Britney worries
  131. My Chemical Romance's short songs
  132. Liam Gallagher 'million per cent confident' in new songs
  133. Lily Allen gets on board with pirates
  134. JLS bag fan
  135. UK Festival Awards 2009 announced
  136. John Mayer's studio struggle
  137. Mika's album fun fears
  138. Will Young wows London
  139. Glasto 2009 was best Blur gig ever, says Alex James
  140. U2 confirmed for Glasto 2010
  141. AMA king Michael Jackson
  142. Boyzone joined by Stephen's widower
  143. U2 to make Glastonbury debut
  144. Michael Jackson wins four American Music Awards
  145. David Guetta's secret Rowland duet
  146. Jamie T's shouting pain
  147. Beyonce Knowles' 2010 album
  148. My Morning Jacket 'recording 6th album'
  149. Pre-nuptial prepared for Amy Winehouse
  150. Pizza girl Lady Gaga
  151. BRIT-hop star Jay-Z
  152. Puddle of Mudd songs 'inspired by singer's wife'
  153. Florence Welch speaks of 'self-destructive personality'
  154. Rihanna's 'vented' album
  155. Dave Grohl wanted to ''surprise'' people with Them Crooked Vultures.
  156. The Strokes plan new album
  157. Pete Doherty 'was placed on life support'
  158. John Mayer dates for romance
  159. Sugababes feel brand new
  160. Rihanna's New Year payday
  161. White Lies 'too busy to work on next album'
  162. Bryan Ferry 'working with Radiohead and Chili Peppers men'
  163. Lady Gaga's deathly performance
  164. Florence Welch's new album
  165. Cover star Jamie T
  166. Florence And The Machine 'set to work on second record'
  167. Rolling Stones to rock in 2010
  168. Eminem's X Factor ambition
  169. Usher in record row
  170. Paul McCartney 'nearly quit due to stage fright'
  171. Arctic Monkeys heading to studio
  172. Rihanna's emotional album
  173. Kasabian's Oasis sadness
  174. Graham Coxon scores thriller movie
  175. Paul McCartney still feels Fab
  176. Jimi Hendrix has greatest riff
  177. Spice Girls musical named
  178. Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child voted greatest ever riff
  179. Ian Brown's Arabic music
  180. Westlife wanted for Jackson song
  181. Wyclef Jean's Fugees plan
  182. La Roux 'to work on follow-up'
  183. John Lydon likes 'ridiculous' Jedward
  184. Stephen Gately honoured
  185. Shakira too sexy
  186. Kylie Minogue making Taio tracks
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