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Interview: Sean Paul returns, preaches 'Trinity' for success
We caught a few words with the man in a whirlwind of promo activity in central London mid-September
Sean Paul is an important artist. In 2002, a year prior to his worldwide smash "Dutty Rock", the dancehall genre was a localised, niche' style of music. Three years on, we're global, even full circle, with Lil' Jon's crunk movement and chart-toppers like Ciara riding 'dem riddems.

We caught a few words with the man in a whirlwind of promo activity in central London mid-September, finding in the 32-year-old artist a humble, mannered man, still full of passion for his genre - despite mega record sales - and his hometown scene. Interview by ATM.

You have sold over 6m albums worldwide, picked up almost every award in music that there is and have worked with some of the biggest names in music. As early as '96 you released your first singles and in '97 you recorded with Spanner Banner on the Jamaican hit 'Ladies Man' then you went on to record with Jeremy Harding. After that we all pretty much know what happened. You became a household name.
written by on 21/09/2005 00:00:00

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