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Thirteen Senses - Contact
I don't like U2, but Thirteen Senses guitarist Tom Welham must REALLY like The Edge
I like Coldplay. They aren't ashamed to wear their influences on their sleeves and give damn good Pop. Thirteen Senses like Coldplay too. I know this because the title track apes the suspended chord into of 'Politik', while 'Follow Me' and 'Fix You' probably have the same keyboards. Only, instead of tugging at the heartstrings, they both just lie there waiting for Will South's wheedle of a voice to grate (and grate and grate) right to the bone. 'Spirals' almost made me angry.

I like Snow Patrol (yes, even Eyes Open), but I don't think Thirteen Senses like them. Their audience is ostensibly the same, yet where Gary Lightbody writes incisive hymns to drug come-downs and break-ups, they plough the same furrow of tired metaphors first seen in Henry VIII's smash hit 'Green Sleeves'. Listen to 'All the Love in Your Hands' (actually, don't): I'm all for escapism in the modern climate of Terror and Fear, but how many bands cite "stars and comets and belief" as if even the merest glance of a young suitor send the singer stratospheric? Millions. But most of them have less irritating vocalists; moreso here because the song's quite promising before he contributes.

I don't like U2, but Thirteen Senses guitarist Tom Welham must REALLY like The Edge. Wavering notes hold forever, obscuring the backing orchestration, while 80s standards - like erratic chord progression and painfully drawn out riffs - do their best to drown out the weepy, archetypal piano. Album closer 'Ones and Zeros' employs all of these cheat techniques, hoping to obscure the shameful, cod-paranoid lyrics.

I don't like Contact by Thirteen Sense. It's a horrible, dull little record.
--Matt Sheret

written by on 4/11/2007 12:00:00 AM

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