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MEGáLADON influences

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25/10/2008 00:22:57
Both your tracks sound the same?


The Megáladon's jaws gaped wide, revealing triangular, serrated teeth the size of a man's hand. Oxygen-bearing water pounded through its gills exhilaratingly. The Megáladon's upper jaw, slung loosely under its skull like that of a shark, protruded forward and down: reaching, straining in anticipation of sweet, warm flesh . . .

Singing songs built on the experiences of living in a community full of promiscuous, lazy, violent scumbags, scanks and generally lazy charvers, Megáladon’s music pulls no punches. With material written about subjects ranging from professional pregnancy to date rape built on a backbone of raw dirty rock, Megáladon have set out on a journey to rid the world of the plague of stagnant Indie copy bands.

Megáladon are coming, either embrace the change, or fuck off!!

Bands we've played with include, Wheatus, Doyle, Get Vegas, ROTF, Damaged Angels, Thick Skinned, Silo, Underwings, Diablo 66, Spheres, View From above, Beyond the grave, Self written, World is static, Kwade, Ignorance, The Modes, Volotile Youth, Fated Nation, Fishburn Mafia, Travisty, The Departed, 15 minutes society, No signal input, 21 Down, Speeding Bee, Cheap Antiques, D.I.A, Quit theory, Racine, Catchpennies, The lipstick killers, Die Emergency, Dorien Starre, E-Go's, Nuclear Autumn, Long day Gone, Resuss...and many more!


mood: Aggressive
added: 29/05/2008 16:15:47
mood: Aggressive
added: 29/05/2008 16:23:31
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best industry quotes

  1. After supporting Wheatus......"Perfect example of a good support band whipping up a crowd and the headline putting them back to sleep!"
  2. "Outstanding"
  3. "pure energy"

best support shows

  1. Wheatus
  2. Doyle
  3. Get Vegas


  1. official site -
  2. myspace - megaladonuk
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