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29/08/2011 14:51:57
Hey thanks for becoming a fan!! how r things?




date added 05/03/2012 04:39:23
PRODUCTION – MAGIC CLOUD (2010) ANIMATION/DESIGN – DAMIAN MAGUIRE MUSIC – BLACKSNOW (TIME BANDIT) MUSICIANS: DAMIAN MAGUIRE – SEQ PONYTRON – SYNTH JOHN MCGOWAN - FLUTE A music video based on ideas for the opening scene in VORTEX 2 (Future project - Sci-Fi series), using music by BLACKSNOW. (Track â TIME BANDIT). Animated scenes, by DAMIAN MAGUIRE, which are based in the future. This video was produced using ‘Fireworks’ and advanced video editing software. VORTEX 2 (Future project) Following the VORTEX 1 series, when KRYPTON (A secret scientist) discover how to project himself into the future through psychic his sense. This series is set in the future, and KRYPTON, has just invented a new machine which can read minds and predict the future. Following the 1st VORTEX series , when KRYPTON time travels through psychic meditation, and ends ups confronted by his arch rival (also his replica) ZYBORG.
date added 13/10/2010 01:12:02
BLACKSNOW (Live documentary 2010) A visual documentary based on live performances between 2009-2010. Producer - DAMIAN MAGUIRE from BLACKSNOW, with new material and new members. JOE THOMAS -BASS ELEANOR MAGUIRE - SAX DAMIAN MAGUIRE - DRUMS/SEQUENCES SHERIDAN MAGUIRE - SYNTH JOHN MCGOWAN - FLUTE Including clips from the amazing 'BLACK HISTORY EXHIBITION' with MAGIC CLOUD stage production, and STARDUST (Live at the ‘Bournespring centre’ (With amazing editing by multi-media engineer – Damian Maguire) DAVE MEYERS - Projections/lights/video/camera. ELEANOR MAGUIRE – Video camera TRACKS - 'Indimentional Time', 'Stardust' and 'Funny' THANKS TO – ‘Tom’, ‘Tina’ and ‘Dean’, for helping with filming and photography
date added 12/08/2010 05:06:04
OMNIDIRECTIONAL - PRODUCER – DAMIAN MAGUIRE (Star Merchandise) PUBLISHED – MAGIC CLOUD 2009-08-07 MUSIC – BLACK SNOW (From EP,’BLACK SNOW 2’) Using advanced animating techniques such as 3D computer generated graphics and ‘Photoshop’ techniques. Graphics based on SCENERY from sci-fi series, ’VORTEX.’ (about super-radiation and the psychic sense)
date added 29/08/2009 15:56:44
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