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Bang Bang Eche - Cuss Cuss, Bang Bang
couldn’t give a rat’s ass about marketability... or much else really. Perhaps that’s why the New Zealanders’ live show is so... erm... lively?

by Michael Wylie-Harris, first published in LondonTourdates #063 ,16th July 2010

He is not your average fella, T’Nealle Worsley. Unable to get hold of the New Zealander (currently touring Europe) on the phone, we settled for a web chat instead. The results were, shall we say, unconventional.

Worsley’s musical project, Bang Bang Eche, is an electro punk four piece from Christchurch, New Zealand, that mixes low-fi, fizzing synths with angular, post punk guitar solos and off-kilter stream-of-consciousness, dead-pan vocals.

Their 2009 EP, Sonic Death Cuntttt – the name being a characteristic indication of Worsley’s apparent lack of concern about ‘marketability’ – is laden with irritatingly irresistible hooks and the sorts of parasitic melodies that will lay an itchy little egg in your brain for the rest of the day. We talked racism, baguette consumption, ‘Benjamins’ and ‘Frenching’. And, oh yeah, some really weird stuff too…

Word! What’s up?
We’ve been carving our way through continental Europe, bringing nations of wrongdoers to justice for war crimes against the land of the long, white cloud. Zach’s been stalking this Thai dude from his work on the internet through Facebook and Google Translate. It’s been an invigorating, rewarding, and most of all multi-cultural experience. We’ve also out mossed your mutter in Munich, played a lot of tennis in Normandy, and got pulled over by the cops in Strasbourg.

Where are you right now? What you looking at?
We’re in Alençon, France. Right now I can see cherry trees in someone’s backyard; heaps of little birds flying around (they look like insects); these big, black bees with hard shells that look like flying beetles; and our collective future sliding down a dark, dank drain labelled ‘BAGUETTE CONSUMPTION’.

We know how you feel… You’re currently on tour. We heard your gigs are carnage. How would you describe the live show?
Ladies leave your man at home / The club is full of ballers and their pockets full of grown / Fellas leave your girl with her friends / ‘Cause it’s eleven-thirty and the club is jumpin’, jumpin’…

Err… okay. Is touring something you really enjoy?
Touring is our favourite thing to do, ever. When you’re on tour the only things you have to worry about are touring things. Your life goes from being gaps of sleep between work to being gaps of driving between parties. The WIFI code backstage at Solidays Festival (Paris) was ‘la vie de l’artiste est belle’ (I think that’s right, Charlie (Ryder) is asleep and he does our Frenching for us). At the time I thought it was a snide dig at us (perhaps it was) but now I think it’s great. Sure, I won’t be thinking that when we’re at Dubai airport being told that we can’t take leads on the plane but Dubai airport is slack as fuck and we’ll probably be able to sneak through again.

The last EP came out in 2009. Could you describe the record for those that didn’t get a chance to hear it...
DHUKKA DHUKKA DUH DUHHHHH / BAH DAH BAH DAH BA DHUKKA DHUKKA DUH DUHHHHH / EUUH - EUUH - EUUH DHUKKA DHUKKA DUH DUHHHHH / BAH DAH BAH DAH BA BA DA - BA DA - BA DA - BA DA - WAMP! WAMP! x4 with vox and drums and good vibes and love from us to you under the name Sonic Death Cunttt EP.

Any new releases in the pipeline?
When we get home we’re going to finish writing and recording our first album. We’re going to do most of the recording ourselves and it’s going to be so fucking hot you’re gonna fucking die. The new stuff is a cross between Gaga and Jimmy Eat World doing Caribou covers while sitting on a beach in Spain reading Cosmo, and getting rained on with Benjamins by 20 Austrian women all called Vonjya - with the timelessness of Springsteen, but the now-ability of Miley on gack.

Explain the writing process. Do you do all the writing / production yourself?
Ah oui oui, oui do all ze writings ensemble and then we put it in ze studio avec un produceur ooh oui tell vat to do because oui cannot werk zee studio well but ate ozzers messing avec hour songs.

How would you describe the band dynamic? Is it basically your project with session musicians or a real, joint effort?
Four playas, heaps of sessions, mean solos, no musicians really.

What’s the music scene like in New Zealand? Is it harder for someone from New Zealand to make it in Britain / America?
It’s a racist, racist world and we’re on the bottom of the pile, but considering our quality to population ratio, we are not afraid of you and we will beat your ass.

Thanks for your time... it’s been surreal!
Thank you!

Upcoming Bang Bang Eche live dates:

27 July @ Barfly, London
28 July @ Cardiff Arts Institute, Cardiff
29 July @ Wig & Pen, Truro, Cornwall
30 July @ Driftwood Spars, St Agnes, Cornwall
31 July @ Leopallooza Festival, Cornwall
31 July @ The Public, West Bromwich
1 August @ Spankys, Nottingham
13 August @ Koko, London

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