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Album review - Plastic Little: Welcome To The Jang Haus
Half Time Records

by Barnaby Smith, first published in LondonTourdates #032 ,3rd October 2008

It is a mystery how Plastic Little have managed to make an album that takes hip-hop’s graphic sexual imagery to new heights, yet still come across as excited puppy dogs.

At times, their UK debut is such a lesson in gynaecology as to make one put the headphones down – songs like ‘Cum Quick’ and ‘DrizHollering’ take what we might call the ‘ins and outs of the act of love’ and well, penetrate with unflinching explicitness, and not a little wit. Plastic Little’s flow, at least, is not one to play in front of your kids or parents.

So that leaves us with what they achieve sonically, which is actually rather a lot. ‘Crambodia’, which features Spank Rock and Ghostface Killah, is a spectacular sample-laden burst of enthusiasm about PL’s other preoccupation, the white powder. Elsewhere, ‘Cheap Thrills’ samples ‘Thriller’ to thunderous effect and ‘Sugar’ takes The Archies’ sixties hit and does very rude things to it. Playfully top-shelf, and proud.

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