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Kofi Stacks influences

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Kofi Stacks

"Outside the congestion charge"
His look is the intrinsic mysterious attraction. His music is the reason you’ll stay in love with him, and hip hop. An old school mentality with a new school approach is what has Kofi Stacks standing out from his peers.

Kofi’s uncompromising attitude and distinctive vocals have grabbed the attention of music fans across all genres, due to his eclectic musical tastes, greatly influenced by legends such as Sting, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Jay-Z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Coldplay and many of the 90’s Brit Pop artists. His flows and subject matters reel you in to his world and what he’s been through. You connect to it as you’ve been there yourself or know of someone who has. His command of the English language yet simplistic nature in portraying his stories has won over the biggest cynics of Hip Hop. He fuses words with compositions that make truly enjoyable songs, not for mainstream recognition, but for those that love and appreciate the art in being an artist. Even the mainstream have to pay attention and tap their feet as he samples from songs we all loved and have grown up with, but has his own spin on it, that makes it just as enjoyable hearing them the second time around.

Falling in love with the self expression and the gritty realism that accompanies the Hip Hop scene could have made Kofi your cliché rap act, but he’s ripped up the blueprint of the conventional rapper by daring to be himself and embracing his own originality. "What sets me apart is my ability to think outside the box with my outlook on life. I don’t follow the leader, I follow myself". This is evident in an experimental track called "Hot Chick", which fused Rock and Hip Hop. To push his creativity further he threw out an up-tempo dance remix which was greatly received by the West End club scene. Kofi's refusal to conform to the rapper ideology is born from a deeper sense of purpose rather than churning out music for the sake of it. "I feel my music puts out a positive message that people can relate to and inspire them to better themselves. I can’t do that if I'm the same as every other rapper. Only a shepherd can lead sheep".

His debut mixtape entitled "I'm Here" was a critically acclaimed lyrical ensemble of life experiences accrued through trials and tribulations of life in North London and was only put out to appease the interest of his local fans. To coin the Jay-Z phrase ‘Men lie, women lie’, the numbers certainly didn’t. The groundbreaking release gained an incredible 8,000 downloads within the space of a few short hours with little promotion which led to Kofi headlining the Christian Audigier launch party for his Champagne at IF Bar in Ilford, Essex, and had the underground music scene whispering his name, as he took up residence in the Reverbnation top 10 albums for weeks on end.

With his highly anticipated debut LP in production, He has a few surprise guest features on their showing the respect his music commands. He’s seen the evolution of the UK hip hop scene and has rode the train for long enough. It’s his stop now and as the doors are about to open and he steps out on to the platform, please mind the gap he’s about to leave behind him, as his music takes off.


Someone like you
mood: Mellow
added: 07/09/2011 21:49:55
chart entries: - #37 - #30 - #23
Keep it moving
mood: Aggressive
added: 13/09/2011 11:53:08
Start it up
mood: Aggressive
added: 13/09/2011 12:05:10
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best industry quotes

  1. His music is the reason you’ll stay in love with him.
  2. flows and subject matters reel you in to his world and what he’s been through
  3. "What sets me apart is my ability to think outside the box with my outlook on life.


  1. official site -
  2. myspace - officialkofistacks
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