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Hot Beds influences

say something, go on, you know you want to..
26/09/2011 12:09:56
Well done on the no1 guys!

Take a listen to our music when you get 2 mins free :-)
16/08/2011 13:25:32
Congratulations Hot Beds for hitting the #1 position! Knew you could do it! :)
19/09/2010 15:58:33
10/09/2010 19:48:47
26/07/2010 21:32:40
i have downloaded it, showing 0 still tho!
30/05/2010 23:55:21
hey guys, please download our song 'the devirginiser,' we tried really hard to get it in the chart and we did. we'll download yours in return!
thanks, luke, jailbait.
21/12/2009 08:54:13
The Most Cheerful Christmas song I've ever heard !!!
24/11/2009 21:58:29
I like Hot Beds very much. I hope the new single is number one. Already is for me =)
02/11/2009 04:13:53
hi Hot Beds, listened to your tracks, found them quite gothic/industrial/electro hybrid rock.
Not my usual listening taste but your style i'd say is quite unique and to be unique is different. I like it was refreshing. Keep it up
12/08/2009 13:03:54
Hi Andy, you should have a hundred or so downloads on "Leave Everything" now.... hope it helps!!
06/08/2009 22:54:28
I love your music......and I most difinately want to hear more. lena you are an angel in heart, voice and looks....... stardom is just around the corner.

12/05/2009 12:56:53
What is this ungodly racket?

Good to meet you, Mel and Ruben last week. Am going to drop "SRT" on my show this week.

Also about to give you a myspace shout re my band poss playing yr club sometime.


09/01/2009 23:04:04
my cat died in the summer, i believe you have what it takes to BRING HIM BACK TO ME
14/12/2008 19:52:26
hot beds of talent and hannah brown can have my babies
14/12/2008 19:45:13
the sexiest band in london
04/12/2008 15:31:48
love you hannnnnnnnnnaaaahhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxx
04/12/2008 15:29:32
04/12/2008 15:24:59
frantic <3
04/12/2008 14:42:57
04/12/2008 14:34:48
You guys RoCk!!!
definitely gonna come to a gig soon, really look forward to it, i LOVE your music!
04/12/2008 12:44:03
came to your gig last night, your singer is H O T and your songs are really good
04/12/2008 02:43:40
totally addicted to your music, i'd be surprised if you don't get signed, you're brilliant!
02/12/2008 20:07:18
LOVE the music!
30/11/2008 18:43:48
Great music, lovely people. What more could one want?

Hot Beds

"Industropop of lust, love and loss"
Promoting current album, “IntenseCity”, HotBeds' arch blend of dancefloor pop and dark edged rock has ensured a steady stream of radio play and high profile gigs over the past couple of years. Lena & Andy have topped the Tourdates Unsigned Chart on several occasions and are available for live shows, DJ sets, releases, interview and just about anything else you can think of.

As a duo, Hot Beds truly can be anywhere, anytime for anything.

All tracks on here are taken from our debut album, IntenseCity, out now through all major download stores (iTunes/Amazon/etc). You can also buy the CD or pay by mobile by visiting

Join our Facebook group:
More free tracks at:
Email us:


mood: Aggressive
added: 27/07/2011 14:55:31
chart entries: - #33 - #33 - #14
mood: Aggressive
added: 26/07/2010 19:00:05
chart entries: - #33 - #14 - #10
Frantic (the comedown)
mood: Aggressive
added: 21/03/2010 19:43:39
chart entries: - #35 - #22 - #13
all Hot Beds music >>


Boys (6-9-10)
added: 26/07/2010 19:53:15
Stop Forgiving (Alternative Version)
added: 07/02/2010 14:16:43
Christmas Started in October
added: 31/10/2009 14:34:33
all Hot Beds videos >>


Second week at No.1! Thanks everybody so much for keeping HotBeds at the top of the chart. If you haven't already, check out the links on our profile page to get more downloads. We're really looking forward to our headline show at The Workshop (Old Street) on Sept 3rd with The Fuegos and hope some of you  read the full post here >>

best industry quotes

  1. "Like Kate Bush mixed with Gary Numan, look out Ting Tings there's a new couple in town" (LTD Magazine)
  2. "A 21st century attack, awesome, pure original joy. The new Ting Tings? They're so beyond that." (Nervecast Radio)
  3. "A must see" (The Dark Mills Festival)

best headline shows

  1. The Workshop, Old Street
  2. The Monarch, Camden
  3. Catch 22, Shoreditch

best support shows

  1. The Dark Mills Festival (with Maleficient)
  2. Subliminal Girls @ 93ft East
  3. The Kabeedies @ 333


  1. official site -
  2. myspace - Hotbeds
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