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Edgy influences

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Edgy were formed around the time of the 1960s but didn't actually become a band until May 2001.

It was, in fact, on 11 May 2001 precisely at around 9.18pm, in the upstairs bar of the Wheatsheaf pub on Rathbone Street, that founder members Eddie Dyja (vocals, guitar) Sean Delaney (bass), Ian O'Sullivan (drums) and Alex Hogg (lead guitar) decided to form an Eastern European Sixties, garage, punk, indie, neo-psychedelic, foot-tapping, hippy-shaking, heart-breaking, rock n roll band.

They recorded and produced an extended six track EP called Wallflowers in Full Bloom, which was accompanied by an "experimental" video of the "ghostly track" Strange, Strange, Strange.

By January 2003, Alex who produced Wallflowers in Full Bloom became a bit of a Wallflower himself and left the band.

The next day, Edgy recruited Richard Holford (lead guitar) "I was a fan before I joined the band," he said.
In March 2007 the long-awaited Edgy album, enigmatically entitled Rockhampton Road, was ready for release. By that time Edgy had rather carelessly lost two drummers (Ian O'Sullivan and Ian Lucas) and their bass player Sean Delaney, but had gained another drummer Pot Blawat.

To mark the end of an era Edgy produced the slightly sentimental Used to be in Band video in July 2007, which made everyone dewey-eyed with nostalgia, but more importantly it closed one chapter for the band and opened up a new chapter and a "new musical direction".

Edgy decided to reinvent itself as a Sixties pop Diva combo, having been joined by an authentic Edgy Diva called Alison Kirwan. Naturally, Alison's first task as a Diva was to say that SHE WAS NOT A DIVA, and after seconds of reflection the band agreed. Before we could close our eyes and count to ten, we were joined by Jeff Gay on lead guitar but unlike the song, when we opened our eyes Jeff was gone...but not before he put down some guitar tracks.

In September 2009 Edgy released Unattended Baggage and this time actually made it available for purchase. Many saw this as a breakthrough for the band, while others thought they had simply sold out (in fact there are still some available).

And despite the fact that our aim was true, Alison left the band in January 2010 to "persue a solo career". Seeking a replacement, the remaining edgies collectively left their feet in the wishing well. Their wishes were answered when along came Sarah Currant to grab the mike thus saving the world from yet another power pop trio.

The rest, as they say, is history....


Roll the dice
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added: 11/06/2010 11:54:13
Moth to a flame
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added: 11/06/2010 11:48:25
Images are in my head
mood: Party
added: 11/06/2010 11:43:11
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  2. myspace - edgyrocks
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