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Live Review - The Answer
Dingwalls 12 February 2009

by Anja Kimberley, first published in LondonTourdates #041 ,27th February 2009

The high expectations of The Answer’s sell out Camden gig crash and burn somewhere between the band strutting onto stage and the first sweeping head bangs.

It’s clear why they are loved on the rock scene: Aerosmith, AC/DC (who the Irish rockers have been opening for) and Motley Crue are named as influences, but this veneration smothers any originality from the ‘hard rock/blues’ ensemble.

Glimmers of promise exist in ‘Walking Mat’ and ‘On And On’, instilling a feeling of optimism like a gambler experiencing a near-win, but by the final track the gig feels a little like a joke with no punchline. The audience are non-reactive, although on occasion sporadic hands do rise in unison . This must be the core fan base, clearly not too precious about battling for the best places upfront. But a stillness blankets the venue in the face of blissfully unaware front man Cormac Neeson who is clearly having the (thoroughly rehearsed) time of his life.

‘Demon Eyes’ introduces another influence: School Of Rock. I suspect this is indeed the line-up of Jack Black’s teeny rocker band several years on. Curiously entertaining to watch, but I left the venue itching to play Kid Rock, Bon Jovi, The Who, Kiss.... who are The Answer again?

Anja Kimberley
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