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50ft Woman influences

say something, go on, you know you want to..
20/02/2011 10:24:10
50Ft Woman- totally Awesome! got the EP from Mr Jordan Thomas off of Recharged Radio (listen to this!!!) :)
14/02/2011 10:44:57
Exclusive anti-valentine track - Strictly Only Swinging (Stereo Widened Mix) available for download NOW!
31/05/2010 00:18:12
hey guys, please download our song 'the devirginiser,' we tried really hard to get it in the chart and we did. we'll download yours in return!
thanks, luke, jailbait.
11/05/2010 20:30:52
ha, ha, no cut & paste ere then iss inki


Sgt Snafu

Over & Out
10/05/2010 21:53:52
Vote for 50ft Woman - shortlisted to win a new Music Video - see what a Glycerine Machine really looks like :)
25/01/2010 17:29:31
Woohoo gig booked :)
02/12/2009 17:20:18
Great songs you have on here like your sound ^__^
24/09/2009 15:06:00
Funny how they never take into account processing backlogs when quoting your turnaround times.

Ah well I shall just savour the anticipation!!
23/09/2009 15:06:22
Sadly no, but if we're able to get hold of a size 50ft Samba outfit at this late notice will give you a shout ;)

Wassup with your EP release?Have been looking expectantly for the promised further details every day since the 6th...(well maybe twice now)
10/08/2009 13:00:13
Indeed, I was pretty darn quick getting onto here, still working out how to use it properly, but it seems to have a much better scene than most sites. have you got any idea how long it'll take to get those interviews edited and uploaded? i'd be intruiged to see how much of a fool i look.. haha!
23/07/2009 18:00:00
All your Minki belong to us now.
22/07/2009 16:27:39
Shame....hope you sort something out soon.

22/07/2009 16:03:27
Great to meet you on friday. Thanks again for coming down to our little Samba class & hope to see you soon.

Re: your yesterdays blog entry.... what is it that's stopping you?

21/07/2009 16:15:36
good to see a familiar face! was worried no one interacted on here lol
21/07/2009 15:47:13
woop woop! :)
10/07/2009 21:07:41
BTW, thanks for coming down to the Water Rats the other week!
20/06/2009 12:41:41
Good to chat last night. The show was a lot of fun—happy to come back any time!
19/06/2009 21:30:59
hey there!!! nice sound xxx

how r u??

come check out our music and let us no what u think!!!! tony xx
23/05/2009 12:54:12
Hi Minki

We're on last on Tuesday, at 10.30. As for the band I suggested, hmm, we'll have to talk about it to see if I can remember..! How did I describe them?

11/05/2009 17:54:08
Hey Minki
Hope you can join us on Thursday 21st May @ The Enterprise for the first Tourdates Sessions, gonna be a good one!

26/04/2009 11:48:11
Hi Minki,

Great to see you last night, hope you enjoyed the awards, lets catch up soon, we stuff to discuss methinks ;-)

Sgt Snafu

Over & Out
18/04/2009 14:34:20
best of luck to you with the voting. wishing you all the best . Mark emmins
18/04/2009 11:48:10
Hello, folks. Thanks for the vote!
17/04/2009 23:29:20
@50ft -re @furbelows :

Once you entered the EMA's the judges will have listened to your songs on your profile and shortlisted you accordingly. There's the three awards the community voted for, the song categories - one per genre and the video category too which is judged by Tourdates staff.
04/04/2009 12:58:30
hey 50ft thx for the vote we need them , I am hoping to get some good live takes today , will put them up after some mastering .
03/04/2009 16:48:29
Hey hey, thanks for the vote. Cool tracks. xx
03/04/2009 15:21:06
We miss you too
03/04/2009 13:40:57
50ft Friday Feelgood factor - listen and vote now!
27/03/2009 21:13:46
Hi! 'Ull' is doing well and enjoying your tracks. Soho Sophisticated in particular. Excellent track - Orb (Bad Season)
16/03/2009 10:37:00
Oi! Oi! I'm very well despite the hideous rumours!!
If you ever fancy a night out rockin' on a Monday I'm doing a night at the Embassy Club, 29 Old Burlington Street, let me know and I'll guestlist you ooooeeerrr!!! X
04/03/2009 10:38:47
Thank you!
Hope things are going well for you!
Sacha x
25/02/2009 09:17:02
50ft Woman appeared on VS:recharged last Friday (20th February), keep an eye out on the VS:Recharged profile for recordings! And listen to VS:Recharged for more shenanigans - the studio is just big enough to fit her in!!
16/02/2009 10:27:53
Hungry for cracking on with new material tonight in rehearsal amongst other things!
12/02/2009 11:01:27
Hi Minki,

Great to see you again last night, thanks for coming to the Wilmington gig. Hope you liked the Dandelion Killers.

Speak soon.

Sgt Snafu

Over & Out
28/01/2009 10:02:23
Hiya, good to meet you too and hear your music, you got a great reaction from the panel, cheers, Ros and Vas xx
26/01/2009 23:43:24
Hi Minki, thanks for coming to the musicians clinic tonight, hope you found it useful!
22/01/2009 13:21:45
Shame about the Astoria - ah well, you tried. God forbid the new 'improved' version.
19/01/2009 15:18:46
Happy new Year Minki! When you playing next?
29/04/2008 15:00:51
So you should be...
29/04/2008 14:09:12
oh God I'm a fan of myself, is that cheesy? :D

50ft Woman

""Blondie's forgotten love child!""


Happy Anti-Valentine's Day from 50ft Woman! Nobody can say we don't enter into the spirit of things .. but never being one to conform, we have decided to release a special xxx-clusive mix of (Strictly) Only Swinging, just in time for Valentine's Day. You will need damn good speakers or headphones to listen to it, a special  read the full post here >>
Vote for 50ft Woman to make a video Want to see more of 50ft Woman? Want to see what Glycerine Machine is all about? Then don't delay vote today! :) Your vote WILL count and we promise no coalitions with the enemy. We could say something about being well hung at this point, but we won't :)  read the full post here >>
50ft Woman - Tall Stories EP now available! At long last, the Tall Stories EP is now available. Featuring 5 tracks (Strictly) Only Swinging Glycerine Machine Gravity Union Jackie CATTV * Glycerine Machine is available as a free download on this very site :) Available from itunes -  read the full post here >>
Tall stories EP released this week More info coming this week ... new tracks!  read the full post here >>
Musicians wanted! Right I need some people to play with, no not like that .. live and stuff. Also people to write with. So if you fancy writing, playing, collaborating - let me know ... I have gigs waiting to say yes to!  read the full post here >>
If I don't get to play ... soon, I think I am going to wither away to ooooh .. 45ft Woman?? HELP!  read the full post here >>
Free track! Download Glycerine Machine now! I'm feeling a bit generous .. must be sunstroke or something!! Fancy a free track. Call it an appetiser, an amuse bouche, call it whatever you like, it's FREE! It would also be nice to get back in the Tourdates charts again, so by downloading it, you are also helping me get  read the full post here >>
Soho Sophisticated nominated for Best Pop Song! Soho Sophisticated has been nominated for Best Pop Song in the Exposure Music Awards, to be held on the 25th April. 50ft Woman is also in the running for Best Out of Area Act - but as this is down to fan votes, if you are reading this, please go to the 50ft Woman tourdates profile  read the full post here >>
VS:Recharged vs 50ft Woman 50ft Woman AKA Minki dropped into the VS:Recharged studios again yesterday. Chatting and having a laugh, as always with the lovely Jordan, and also meeting 2 lovely boys from We The Faceless who were in session. For those of you who missed it - look out on the VS:Recharged profile  read the full post here >>
Minki on VS:Recharged 50ft Woman appeared on VS:recharged last Friday (20th February), keep an eye out on the VS:Recharged profile for recordings! And listen to VS:Recharged for more shenanigans - the studio is just big enough to fit her in!!  read the full post here >>
VOTE for 50ft Woman in the Exposure Muisc Awards See that little button on the left .. the one that says vote for us in the Exposure Music Awards??? CLICK IT NOW That feels good doesn't it? No? Well it certainly made me feel good. Thanks! Come again tomorrow, give it a click and see if you don't feel good this  read the full post here >>
Musician's Clinic Anyone stopping by and seeing this - if you are a musician, get yourself booked onto the next Musician's Clinic straight away. I went to the first one and have to say, it was excellent. lots of advice, banter, chat with other musicians - a really great networking opportunity -  read the full post here >>
You know you've made in when ,,, All the pictures next to your profile are artists infleuenced by YOU, not ones you are influenced BY! :)  read the full post here >>
Thanks for everything! Thanks to everyone who came along to the Keighley and Kilburn gigs. They were great nights and I can't wait to get back on that stage and do it all again!! Also, thanks to everyone downloading the new free track Glycerine Machine - and getting me in the charts at #23 - please keep  read the full post here >>
Reviews wanted .. Anyone around for my Keighley or Kilburn gigs?? Would love reviews/pics, in fact I am holding a competition for the best picture of each night ...  read the full post here >>
Tourdates Interview Check out the newly uploaded interview with Tourdates! See my video page for the full 50ft Woman interview. PS You do NOT need to adjust your sets or have a particularly big monitor to view 50ft Woman on your PC.  read the full post here >>
Thanks for the Valentine Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came down to support me at the Halfmoon in Putney for the Red Stripe Music Awards. Fantastic night! Photos and (hopefully) vid should be up soon at Thanks! Minki - 50ft Woman  read the full post here >>
Rock Pop Punk Nominated for the Red Stripe Music Awards by the infamous Halfmoon, Putney, come down and schmooze on Valentines Day in this RSMA showcase. The theme is wear something red - come and show some lurve.  read the full post here >>
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