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Avicii: I made 600 versions of Chris Martin's track
Superstar DJ Avicii recalls making hundreds of versions of a song to make sure Chris Martin was happy and is pleased to be recognised as a musician.

Avicii recorded 600 versions of a song with Chris Martin before the final cut was made.

The 'Wake Me Up' hit-maker, 25, was called upon to produce the electronic track 'Heaven' for the Coldplay front-man and revealed that the 38-year-old 'Paradise' singer is hard to please.

He said: ''Chris is one of the most artistic people I've ever met. And a perfectionist. We did like, 600 versions of the song and still he's asking me to tweak the vocals.

But the superstar DJ - who reportedly made £28 million on gigs across the globe last year - isn't fazed by the pressure and is grateful that he is being recognised as a musician as well as a producer and songwriter.

He said: ''The most gratification I get is acknowledgment from musicians who know about song-writing. Chart success is one thing. But it wasn't until recently - honestly - that I really believed I was musical.

''It took other people to tell me - Chris, Nile Rodgers, Mac David. That's been my biggest dream come true.''

Meanwhile, the Swedish DJ could be on the look out for a new British collaboration as he says he is in love with the accent.

He told The Sunday Times: ''I adore British accents. Your way of speaking is insane. You don't say 'dance', you say 'daah-nce'. What's not to love about that?''

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