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'Cool' Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas feels he is a much ''cooler'' artist away from the Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas feels ''cooler'' now he is a solo artist.

The former Jonas Brothers singer has seen a change in his image since the sibling trio went their separate ways and he thinks working alone gives him the chance to ''start over'' and be ''true'' to himself.

He said: ''I definitely feel cooler. I think that was a big part of approaching phase two [of my career], being true to who I am.

''This is way more organic and natural to me than anything I've done in the past. I do get to start over in a lot of ways, so I'm trying to embrace that.''

Nick is happy fans have been able to hear some songs from his forthcoming self-titled album because he thinks that gives them a better picture of what the record will be like rather than having to rely on just one single.

He told Gay Times magazine: ''There are tracks on the record that are darker even than 'Chains' so it's probably somewhere in the middle, in reality, and I think it's a good representation of where it was all gonig without limiting the set up of this record with one track.

''So often that happens when people only hear one song. How're you supposed to go and buy a record if you've only heard one song?

''I feel like you need to be introduced to the whole project and what you're trying to say, so 'Chains' and 'Jealous' being out there now, these other songs coming out, I think you get a good vibe for where it's all heading.''

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